CSCE 452 Projects

These projects were made for CSCE 452: Robotics and Spatial Intelligence. Most of them use dat.gui for control.

Project 1

A simple 3-DOF painting robot. The joints can be rotated using the dat.gui menu.

Project 2

A 3-DOF painting robot that can follow the cursor. Uses my own inverse kinematic solver.

Project 3

A simulation of "Braitenberg Vehicles", light-sensitive mobile robots. The parameters K determine each wheel's response to light.

Project 4

A racing game that simulates a 4-wheeled steering vehicle to scale on the Charlotte race track. The green, white and red boxes in the top right corner are both the steering wheel and accelerator - click and drag on it to move.

Project 5

A simple cell-based motion planner. Click and drag any object (3 boxes, 2 points) to interact.